Sabrina Fairchild grew up in an apartment over a garage on the sprawling Long Island estate owned by the Larrabees, for who her widowed father works as the family chauffeur. Fairchild and the other estate servants are aware that Sabrina has always been in love from afar with the Larrabees' younger son, several times married but currently single playboy David Larrabee, who has never noticed her except as the gangly kid on the estate. The Larrabees' older son, Linus Larrabee, has always been the responsible hard working one of the two siblings, he focused so much on making money now running the Larrabee conglomerate of businesses to have a personal life. As such, neither he or Sabrina ever really noticed each other beyond their roles on the estate, not really knowing anything about the other. David also works for the company, in name and on paper only, as he goes about his fun loving activities as his day to day life. Linus, however, is not averse to using David's personal life for business benefit, such as publicly announcing David's imminent marriage to Elizabeth Tyson, the daughter of a prospective business partner, an engagement about which David knows nothing. David likes Elizabeth as a casual girlfriend, but he has no intention of getting remarried. This move coincides with Sabrina's return after a two year absence away at culinary school in Paris, something she initially did not want to do in not wanting to be away from David, because and despite her unrequited love for him, which was also one of the reasons Fairchild sent her away. Sabrina's time away has let her grow into her own skin, she now believing that she truly can shoot for the moon, whether that moon be David or anything else. David falls in his brand of love with this new sophisticated version of Sabrina, who he didn't even recognize upon first sighting. Linus, in turn, subversively takes whatever direct action to ensure David marries Elizabeth regardless of his new infatuation with Sabrina. Through these proceedings, Sabrina may truly come to realize what her moon is and if it is achievable, that road which may have some possible heartache along the way.

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1954

IMDb: 7.7